The primary reason for creating this homepage is so that family and friends can keep track of me. I know that I could use Facebook or another social media as an alternative, but I want my content to stay mine. I also don't want to force anyone to be a member of social media to follow me. Danish isn't a universal language, so I've chosen to create this English version of my homepage.

Before I let you go, I want to answer a question, which I get asked a lot when I meet new people. Why have you chosen the name 'Black Panther'? When I, for the first time, wanted to chat back in 1999, I had decided to use the program ICQ. As most of you know, chatting requires a nickname, and I had to come up with one. I have always been fascinated by felines, and I have a poster of one hanging on my wall. A picture of the poster is shown below. That was the reason for choosing 'Panther'. The next step in being online was getting a homepage and my personal domain name. 'www.panther.dk' wasn't available, so I tried 'www.blackpanther.dk', and I was lucky - that domain name was available. That's the story behind the domain name, but I still prefer the short edition - Panther.

Well, now it's time for me to stop writing and let you freely roam my homepage.

Have fun!

Poster with a black panther